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Hunting Eyes of a Spearo

Hunting eyes of a spearoWhile diving in Playa del Carmen, I ran into a big Black Grouper. In one hand my polespear and in the other hand my camera. These days we were not allowed to shoot Grouper, so I thought let’s see how close I can get to it.

The water temperature was 27c and I was wearing a 2mm top, 1 kilo of weight. I turned on my camera and dove down to 20 meters. The Grouper was just hanging there in the sand. I was completely focussed on getting close to it and controlled the way to the Grouper and my buoyancy with my legs. The eye of the Grouper moved. It spotted me. I approached it closer without moving any body part. My speed was under control and I was picturing it was April, so I could take the shot, haha.

I ended up in the sand 3 feet away from the Grouper. My estimate is that it was a >25 kilo fish. I kept filming, amazing.

After the trip, it was time to watch the footage. I could not wait. Then it appeared that…. I had been holding the camera wrong. The back to the front and the front to the back… I filmed myself instead of the Grouper. So stupid. Grrrrrrrr.

When I quickly went through the footage I discovered an interesting image though. I post it it here. This is the pure image, no photoshop, nada.

Watch my eyes…. predator…. Hunting eyes of a spearo. Never seen that before……

Try it yourself, could be interesting!



Mero Negrillo Grouper

Mero Negrillo GrouperBlack Grouper is a favorite fish to hunt for many people. And a favorite fish to eat as well. When not being stoned, Black Grouper can give a big fight, even though it is not a running fish. In our Mexican locations we find many Grouper around shipwrecks, in reefs, in the sand and on rocky bottoms.

This week, Anibal shot a nice size Black Grouper in a reef full of coral heads. It gave a bit of a fight, bent another spear, but dinner was delicious.

Well done Cressi Boy!


Spearfishing Grouper Mexico

Spearfishing Grouper MexicoThis day in January it was not the best day to stay on the beach, better to be in the water spearfishing with us. Some people think that it is better to be inside the hotel when there is some rain. But the opposite is true. Like today, some wind, some rain, but… excellent spearfishing.

It became a special day. I went spearfishing with Chris and his girl. For one moment, we ourselves as well thought the weather might become too bad. When we found out what the day had in mind for us, well… good we did not give up, jeje.

In a beautiful ledge, I was freediving with the current when this Grouper did not see me. When it did see me, it made the typical Grouper movement, like a quick movement to go from laying still into 100km/hora in a second. I was able to give a good shot, the Grouper ended up being upside down and there it was on the boat.

>16 kilos fresh fish and a fantastic adventure for Chris.